99 Columns ...

Tonight I'm organizing my columns ... six years of my life written in 600-700 word segments.

As part of the Book Dreams prep, I'm sorting them into three categories: Just Life, Personal Growth (need a new title .... ohhh Pearls of Wisdom), and Relationships.

I counted them up and can't believe the little gift God gave me ... the coincidence of 99 columns at the same time I'm embarking on this mission. In all honesty, there are about four that won't make it into the book because they're about Connect or such ... so I have 99 columns ready for editing, revising, adoration, and publication.

I just love that my 100th column will signal a new start in my life ... which is EXACTLY what my last column alluded to at the end. Of course I had no flippin' clue what was ahead when I wrote it.

Here's my last column, in case you missed it... AND I KNOW THE SECOND WORD HAS A TYPO ! :)


In all my life, I don't remember being this excited about anything - not a number on the scale; becoming an aunt; marathons of The Office or CSI; crossing finish lines; the Vern Yip Incident; my period arriving when I wasn't so sure if it would.

Thank you all for reading, spreading the word, and laughing along with me on this journey! Can't wait to see where we go from here.


  1. Me too! I'm non-work related, you can always hang out with me. :)


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