AHH THree-Day Weekend

Grey skies hang above this Saturday morning. I should have gotten up to run, but the sleep felt great. And let's face it - I can run when I'm dead.

I have incredibly vivid dreams. Last night it was about random dogs, Thanksgiving, and even the Dilockers made a guest appearance. My dogs were running the neighborhood, Jason and Amy were strolling with a whole posse, and a random dog appeared. I spent the majority of the dream trying to dial the phone to call its owner, but never got through.

With new phones we can't call (256) ARD-KHUB. Know what I mean? If I tried to call that # it'd really be something like *35':_!.

This dialing drama theme is quite frequent in my dreams. Think about how easy it is to place a call - and how often we do it. But in my dreams, it is impossible. I either can't find the digits on the phone, can't get the number (continually misplace it), or get distracted.

I completely believe that dreams are a way for your soul to communicate with your conscious. The natural question becomes, "what can't you get through to?" The answer quickly follows, "I un-no."

I have a steadfast understanding that no matter what happens, I have the strength and talent to manage it. Regardless of what I can get through RIGHT NOW, eventually I will. Dreams that were once brick walls became stepping stones.

Can't wait to see what challenge is next and what reserves I'll use to climb it!


  1. Glad to know that we are good enough friends that we can make guest appearances in your dreams! Love the new blog! We need to visit soon! Amy


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