Biggest Loser

Okay - Season 8 here we go.

In the first hour I've cried and yelled more than I have at anything in the last few months. The stories break my heart. The excuses infuriate me.

They had to finish a mile (run or walk). The first person crossed in about 14:27. On a good day, I can clock an 8:40 mile. Because I choose it. I can do three miles in about 28 minutes on the road and 26 on the treadmill. I push and exhaust myself. Because I want to. I want it more than anything in the world - to run fast as my body will allow. But it's not just running, it's more. Exercise is an aggression reliever. It's a way of life.

After watching the trainers, I have to just pause and thank Tyrone for:
1. Never making me yell out my weight when I was at my "humiliation point of wanting to quit" - especially during the ball toss thing when snot pours out of my nose.
2. Just not yelling at me in general, but instead just looking with disappointment when I want to quit ... esp. that starfish abs situation.
3. Making me keep on keeping on. After a two-month break, we were on our second or third workout and he goes, "What's your motivation?" I had to think ... "being in good enough shape to survive a Tyrone workout."

I also love me some Tony Horton of P90X fame - I did legs/back yesterday and can't sit properly today. I love pushing my body to the edge and then pushing it further. It gives me a sense that I can do anything - things greater than myself.

Bring it.

And seriously - can any piece of food give you that? Nope... But an adequate amount of vodka can! :)


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