But Maaaahhhmmm

My mother lives some several thousand miles away. I would google map it, but I bet it can't give me directions to The Gambia. She's far away, working to maintain US relations with the tiny African country. Go mom. Love her bunches and am prouder than I can describe.

But she has a few little things that she do that leave me dumbfounded. Last night I was shopping at amazon.com, loaded up my shopping cart and hit "Purchase" ... expecting questions about billing to pop up ... not so much. About 2:30 a.m., I get an email from mom, "Did you order from Amazon..."

Apparently she was still signed in on my computer. Opps. She said the purchase could be a gift for all I've done for her lately... refinancing her house, running errands, plumbers, etc. I do do a lot, but she changed my diapers, so who can say no?
I love my mom deeper than anyone else in the whole world. More than myself and the boys. It's nights like this when I miss her the most and wish I could just pick up the phone and call. But I can't. We can't text in her new country either. I want to just pour out all my worries and have her tell me what to do to make it better. (She isn't one for sympathy. She'd rather make you a plan than make you feel at ease.)

It's funny. As kids, you think of your parents as super heroes. As you grow up, you realize they're just simple people who try their best. You love them deeper and forgive them quicker. You miss them more than you ever thought possible. In turn, I say a prayer, thanking God for keeping her safe and of course, for keeping her logged in.


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