Here We Go

It's creeping up on 10 p.m. and I must get to bed. But today I emailed with a book person - thanks to Sarah Lauren. She asked if I had a blog ... uh, no. Isn't that what Facebook Notes is for? Not really. Here goes.

I have given up drinking. Just until the holidays. And when I go on vacation. Really I've just given up drinking in the state of Alabama. I made this promise to myself last Friday. I broke it on Tuesday. Four days. Yep - that's how long it lasted. Now it's day two of sober Allison.

We'll see how long this lasts.


On Tuesday, I had reason to drink - it was the Small Business Awards and I was up for Young Professional of the Year. Out of about 20 people, I was one of three finalists. I didn't get the ultimate title, but I am totally fine with it.

After listening to many people smile and say, "It should have been you..." I realized I was the reason it wasn't. The winner, my friend Olly, can sell ice to an eskimo. I can't sell you anything, not even breath to a dying person. "Sell yourself" was what the application screamed. I did the best I knew. I listed out my accomplishments (which are many) and challenges (which are many more). I did it quietly and poetically, just like I do most things.

I was thrilled to be a finalist. And should Olly not be able to fulfill his duties, I'll gladly step in if need be. But after a day of reflection, I see that I'm a winner in many more ways. The cards that fill my office wall tell the stories of lives touched and altered for the better. Words of encouragement and love fill my memory bank.

As I settle into my mid-30s, I realize I am who I am and I am not going to change who I am for a title, an award, a man, a position. I have passion in my heart and live every day trying to make this place a bit better.

The award is sitting in its box on my dining room table. I've yet to decide what to do with it. I'm guessing it'll sit there for some time. At work I told them I'd keep it here so no one would have to dust it or be intimidated by it (ha ha)! In reality, I'll probably just tuck it away. The real prizes come in stamped envelopes. The true reward comes in watching people grow. Neither of those need dusting.


  1. Welcome to blogspot, now you are going to have to tell us all about this book and BTW Congratulations "they" just don't know it but you won the award :-)

  2. :) "Neither of those need dusting" ... I love it. Good job Allison. That is what matters in this world, things that don't need dusting. Things that truly matter will never need to be dusted. It goes with you....its portable. :)


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