Magic Shrinking Pill

I signed up for back in early summer. It has been anything but successful. It's been a humorous, humbling, and eye-opening. But today it was just damn puzzling.

I'd been emailing a guy who vanished about a week ago. This morning I get an email that says: The only reason I haven't contacted you is because our height is so close. However, it won't bother me if it doesn't you. :) Do I sound pitiful enough??? :)

Really? I grab the tape measure - 70 inches in bare feet. That's 5' 10", which is what I stated on my profile, as did he.

I really want to reply to him, but don't how to say what needs to be said or what to say. My body is my biggest insecurity and height can't be changed. I can do side bends and sit ups ... (name the tune!)

So this leads me to my points:

1. What?
2. Huh?
3. Really?
4. You're picking one of the things I can't change (nor ever had any control over) and are telling me that it is what's holding you back from meeting me.
5. Yes, you do sound pitiful enough.

I've wrestled with this all day (between the leaking roof, a fashion show, and work), and I'm more WTF now than I was when I first read it.

In life, a long list of what we can not change exists: family, values, family values, height, eye color (hush Jenny, I'm making a point), birth order, sense of humor, handedness, political affiliation, and height.

If you're the kind of guy who is going to let what I am (tall) cause hesitation in meeting me, I can pretty much promise you that you are not the kind of guy who can date me. Because on my list of what I can't change is my drive, ambition, independence, and sass. Each of those enter the room with me, even when I'm in flats.


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