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Jake was put on a diet in the spring - told to lose 5 pounds. At 27 pounds that was a tough mandate. But if we could get him to 22, it'd be better for his heart. And BONUS, he and Poncho would be in the same "weight range" for their monthly medications.

At his appointment today, he weighed 21.7 pounds. My little chunk is now svelte. He reports that his self-esteem, which has always been a touch low, has peaked and that he enjoys playing basketball the other neighborhood dogs. His ear is still crazy.

I nod in acceptance of his delusions. Poncho, on the other hand, weighs in at 14 pounds and has never had an esteem issue. He has more confidence in his soul than most teenage girls.

On another note ... enjoyed the weekend in Louisville with my Ohio friends: Amy, Angela, and Helka. It's amazing how with some friends you can be apart for years and it doesn't matter. That's how it is with these girls. They're funny and accepting. Who could ask for anything more? I do hate that they live so far away, but love that we've found a cool city in the middle to explore and reconnect.

And on yet another note - I'm changing my job around. Realizing how much I missed the public relations/marketing side and that Leadership was consuming me, we've shifted me back to just doing Focus, Connect, public relations, curriculum, and our graduate program (Impact). I am very excited about this! It means fewer 16 hour days (only one a month as opposed to two-three), and more time for me to be creative with what my heart is called to do - tell our story. I'll miss the class I started, but will be very glad to be back doing what I love the most. Was even reminded of it when in L'ville this weekend when we stumbled upon a horse with lots of inspiring words .... and one of them was:
We have Class 10's opening retreat this week - and I can't wait. At opening retreat they arrive as a gaggle of strangers and leave a bonded group. For those of you familiar with Connect - we're doing something new this class: SimSoc at opening retreat. PHEW. I can't wait to see how it goes. But I firmly believe this will shift their Connect experience as a whole.

I hope everyone out there who has gotten to this far into this rambling blog has a wonderful week.


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