One of Them Days

I was so excited to have lunch with Amy today - if you don't know Mrs. Dilocker, you should. She's a breath of fresh air! For some reason she thinks I'm the bee's knees, too. She calls me a local celebrity and I secretly love it while publicly poo-pooing it. But as we're paying our bill today, the cashier goes to me, "Do you write a column?"

And so the conversation goes - her gushing over my fabulousness and me rushing to get her to fan me on Facebook. Okay, the first part isn't true, but my actions were. I wrote it all out on the back of a receipt and can't wait to see if she fans me. :)

Then I had to go to the post office to mail my mom her box of goods. I do this about every two months - for eight years now. The post office guy knows me because of this. I hand over the box and ask for a book of Simpson stamps. Love me some Simpsons. And he goes, "So, what do you think ..." and my mind starts to race - ohhh! Let's talk Family Guy and their Emmy nomination...or how The Simpsons are still on air and have been for more than half of my life. I love that Lisa - so profound... Mr. Postman continues, " about those taxi drivers that really do want to blow up our country." I look at him, tilt my head and say, "I have no idea what you're talking about ..."

As the words fall out of my mouth, I realize it's been a good few weeks since I've watched the news. Why? 1. The roof. 2. The job. 3. I am seriously addicted to Farmville - and I mean seriously. 4. Louisville vacation 5. Rash-09 6. Dogs with dental issues. 7. I'd given up drinking for a few weeks, which lasted until Wednesday of last week and Farmville on Vodka is so much cooler.

At one point in my life I would have been ashamed of this little fact.

But then I said to the guy across the counter, "I have a caved in roof and a dog with dental stuff. I can't take on any more stress." I resisted the urge to lift my shirt and show him my rash.

I hoard emotions and stress the way crazy people hoard food and cats. I take them, fold them up and place them in a container in my heart. I do this action repeatedly until my inner being absolutely bursts and I have crying fits. This happened last week.

Life inside seems to take priority over what is going on elsewhere in the world. I am at peace with that. I no longer worry myself with stock rates, weather patterns, murders, etc. I simply can't. I can manage the roof, Poncho's teeth, and my frustrations. Beyond that I fall apart. I'm no longer good at hoarding, saving emotions for a rainy day.

While the two cures for this are running and crying, I'd like to start approaching life with a prevention mentality. Unfortunately, I'm also a procrastinator.

So I guess I'll get around to preventing the outbreaks, but not until the time comes.


  1. If we could only cash in on your local cel status and get some free meals and drinks! Had fun catching up! Hope to see you soon!


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