Strawberries with Syrup

Yesterday morning I was slicing strawberries for breakfast when I realized I wanted more than just fruit. But what? Pancakes ... yum. Pancakes. I pulled the mix out of the cupboard. Even though it had long expired I went on with my mission: pancakes with fresh fruit and some maple syrup. Yum.

I whipped up the batch and it looked normal. I poured a scoopful on the hot pan and it oozed in every direction. "This doesn't look right," I said. I pulled out the spatula and tried to morph the mixture into a circle. Instead it looked like a tipped out trapezoid. "Beginners bad luck" I said as I tossed it into the trash. The second, third and fourth followed the same pattern. "Crap."

Visions of brunch at my aunt's house danced through my head. "How does Bob do this?" I continued to try. And they either ended up grainy, spread, or burnt. I thought maybe, just maybe the final one (# 7) would work. Wrong. By this time I was famished. Did I mention I had walked the dogs and did P90X cardio? My visions of a beautiful breakfast were quickly fading as my blood sugar plummeted.

In the end I settled for just strawberries with syrup, and realized there are two things I can't make on my own: pancakes and a baby.


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