Working It From Home

I stepped off the elevator an onto the third floor. I felt the heat immediately then remembered the email from Friday: the air conditioner was out ... and would be until mid-Monday.
Now those of you who don't live in the South may wonder why in the world we'd run the AC in mid-September. Because it's fucking hot. That's why. It's hot until October. Then fall slaps you like a bitch and it's long-sleeves and jeans until March. Yep - screw you cold season. SKA-REW YOU.
Dressed in a cotton shirt and thick pants, I gasped, "Oh hell no." It was like a sauna.
I called my boss to remind her about the situation and then told her I'd be packing up my things and working at home. I carry all my files on my laptop - so this is easy. I'd hate to think what people in the olden days did. You know, the olden days before the Internet. They'd probably sit and sweat. Not me. I may not mind lugging coolers, herding cats, collecting recycling, etc. on program days - but you can bet your sweet ass I'm not about to sit in my office and sweat.
So after an hour of prepping, I headed home. God bless the dogs and their short term memories. It was as if I'd been gone a full day. Poncho hopped. Jake danced. Ingrid ran in circles. We've got Ingrid for a few days while her mom is off training.

Let me share a story about Jake Ryan. He's the first born, prodigal son. On Wednesday, when I picked Ingrid up, he sat with his back to her, looking over his shoulder, glaring at her and glancing at me to make sure I saw the look. For about six months, Jake Ryan was an only child and very spoiled ... Ingrid came to her mom in February(?); they were introduced a few weeks later and then Poncho came home to me in July. He's yet to forgive me. Did I mention that was 2007? He's a bit of a bitch. But I love him.

My home office is super - really relaxed dress code, music as loud as I want it, snacks, exercise breaks, and it's always bring your dog to work day.
The only problem is that I don't have wireless Internet. So ... I have to pull the cable out of my desk top's tower and put it in the laptop ... and then I work on the floor.
This is what it looks like - the boys decided they wanted to help today:
Well... as you can see from Jake Ryan's face (screwy standing up ear) he wasn't really interested in helping. I think he wanted to surf the Internet for ways to be passive aggressive to house guests.
I've actually been quite productive this morning - getting ready for our economic base day, fielding phone calls from caterers, and such.

I am also thrilled to report that the temporary fix in the roof seems to be working.
If I look up, this is what I see:

This is from the rain ... in person it's a little Georgia O'Keeffe. Hence my desire to get it cleaned up. Hopefully the insurance company will be out this week and the roofers can get it all fixed next week before the cold snap - aka October comes.

Until then, I'll keep doing the anti-rain dance and enjoy my dry, cool, home office...where the co-workers have four legs and prefer to pee outside.


  1. I love this post! Working from home is always the best.

    I wonder if I can say it's too cold and go home. I pray one day our AC too will stop working....please God!


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