Day 1

Yesterday I had to leave work at 12:30 p.m. because I was getting a migraine and feeling very woozie. I didn't want to go because we had that presentation to City Council...but when the room started to spin and my head felt like it was crashing in on itself I left.

I got home and laid down on the couch for a bit and Jake was so sweet, laying there on the floor next to me - I knew right away he was having sympathy pains, we're so close like that. He's been so good to me these last three years - through heart break and growth, just loving me unconditionally. After a bit, I got up to go get his ball - it was in the back yard. The moment I stepped outside I saw it. I saw the real cause of his troubles: an empty container of granola. The whole thing was full when I had left for work in the morning. Granola on the couch. He and Poncho have free run of the house when I'm gone - and I should have known better. My mind has been elsewhere lately.

I looked at the clear container. Looked at Jake. "Did you do that?" He hung his head. "Sweet boy, you're gonna be sorry!" He meandered over to me. I felt his mid section - thick and solid, filled with granola. "Oh you're gonna be sorry." So much for me being sentimental. But it's the thought that counts.

So the reason I came home was two fold - my dr wants me to stop being stressed out and take more time off work. AND I started on antibiotics yesterday morning. AND I forgot to eat. I hate when I do that. Apparently the stress has caused my sweet adrenal system to go into "fatigue" mode - which is why I've been sleeping a lot. AND I mean a lot. That and the pills. So I have promised myself that this weekend I am not doing anything. Nothing. Besides running 10 miles.

As I was listening to the Today Show yesterday, Williard was wishing a Mr. Gregg in the southeast area a happy 100th B'day. He went on to say that Mr. Gregg had started a community center and worked with volunteers to improve the community and people's lives. GREGG FAMILY ROCKS. I am sure I'm not related to this guy - but absolutely loved his story. Sounds so familiar! GO GREGGS!


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