Holy Crap!

I am so excited about New York City - I can't STAND myself right now. It's been hell week(s) at work - we've had Focus and Connect and I'm pooped. But this time next week, I'll be packed and ready to go to NYC. I've been to almost every continent and major city - but not NYC. Trust me, by the time I get back you'll be sick of me/it too.

I have to run in Central Park - that is a must. But I want to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty - but can't find the tickets... and of course I already put in my request for tickets to the David Letterman show. I would pee my pants! I mean seriously pee my pants if I got in. Oh well.

So today I looked up running routes and found their half marathon route and I think I will do that on Sunday. :)

My friend Matt and his mom, Kim, have a brother/son who lives up there, they're putting us in touch so he can tote me around on Saturday. After my run on Sunday I'll go have a mini-Arts Council reunion. The conference is Monday and Tuesday. But I'm going to take full advantage of those after hours and see, walk, and do as much as I can. I can not wait!

After NYC, little Chunk-a-Munk comes for a week to visit (and he's bringing his parents). Then I'm off to see him for Christmas. His first Christmas. Like he'll remember? Nope. But I will! :)


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