Totally Rambling

I haven't done too good with my four-day promise of 30 Rock highlights. Surprised? I'm not. I can't commit to much these days, I'm just too riled up lately.

12 Year Milestone: I have lived in Alabama longer than I have lived anywhere, even my dear Seattle. The milestone passed with absolutely no celebration. Someone simply asked how long I've been here. I paused, "It'll be 12 years in October." I stopped myself, because holy shit, it was October. Not only was it October, but it was the exact day when 12 years ago I rolled into town in a yellow Ford Festiva. While Seattle is still "where I'm from," Huntsville is now home. During this time, you'd think a few things would happen. They haven't. You'd think other things wouldn't have. They have.
First of all, I do have the slightest twang to my voice. People here don't hear it. People in Seattle make fun. (Bitches so hyped up on coffee, what do they know?!?) I do say y'all and all y'all. I'm still not sure if they apostrophe is in the right place. I don't say "use ta could", "fixin' to", or "Roll Tide." I do say "big ole" and "No Thank You, but that's sweet of you to offer." I haven't - and won't - picked an SEC team to cheer for. I really like orange, but fear birds and flying objects in general. Too much orange makes me hungry for oranges. I listen to country music - but that started in high school with Garth Brooks. I live in a quaint neighborhood built when the Germans came to town to fly man to the moon. I pass space ships every day, never forgetting they're our bread and butter. I've got a column in a paper and a local following. Yes, life is good. Here in Alabama.

Weighty Issue: Tonight I had a dinner of bad spinach and icky tomatoes. I spit it out (while on the phone organizing another event!). Instead I settled for my chicken spicy hot dogs from Costco. I love Costco and cylindrical meat. Can't get enough. In my little house in the aforementioned quaint neighborhood, I have two bedrooms, a study, a few bathrooms, and all the other things basic: kitchen, dining room, etc. I will soon need to buy more pillows and a bigger coffee pot. And drop 15 pounds in 6 weeks. This is my goal. Because all six of my family members are coming to stay with me in my 1,400 square foot house. The two dogs are going to be in for the ever loving shock of their lives. It'll be a riot. And vodka worthy. VERY MUCH VODKA.

Speaking of Dogs: Do you ever have dreams where you've lost someone and you start yelling for them in the dream? ME TOO! The other night, Jake Ryan, Poncho, and I moved to a house with no fenced-in yard. The boys ran off. JR came back, but we found P's collar with blood on it. I started frantically screaming, "PONCHO...PONCHO..." In my dream I couldn't yell loud and long enough, so I woke up and hollered, PONCHO!!!! My eyes were still closed, but I heard the word echo through my room. I've done this with my mom - as in dreaming and looking for her. Only that time, when I woke up yelling, I wasn't alone. :( I was on a business trip sharing a room with a stranger. Classic.

Dreams: I'm hyped up on antibiotics and they are causing some weird dreams. Last night I dreamt that Seattle and Huntsville were closer together, so I could have all the people I love near me. Soon enough, those I love the most will be piled on top of each other here on Fairfax St. AWWW. And I'll be drunk, waiting for them to go - but until then, I can't wait. I absolutely can not wait!

Yes - Life is good in Alabama.


  1. Great Post Lady, hopefully one of the things that moved on was the Ford Festiva!

  2. yes - I sold it to a hooker for $550


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