Holiday Gifts

The house is quiet now. The family has gone, the dogs are resting, and I'm a bit lonely. It was a great time to have Ethan (my five-month-old nephew), Ben and Kristen here for the Thanksgiving week. Here is a photo essay of the adventure.

Ethan came to meet his great-grandma, Nanny, and the rest of our family. Here is his with Nanny on Wednesday. He's a sweet boy and adapted well to all the changes, people, and dogs that greeted and followed him during his five-day stay. He's got five teeth, drools a lot, and takes short naps.

His cousin, Lauren, did a great job playing with him. Even when he got sick of me snapping all the photos. At dinner he hung in there with us from appetizers to dessert, barely making a fuss.

Then came Thanksgiving, the granddaddy of events in our family!! As is tradition, we gave him the turkey leg ... but he had no interest in it - even with his five teeth. I am sure he could have gnawed his heart out...but he didn't. Just pushed it aside awaiting for a bottle and some blocks ... or for someone to laugh with.

New this year was family karaoke. And I'll just leave it at this: we all rolled our eyes when Shotsie proposed the idea, but in the end we were our own version of Hampton Cove Idol. The winner? All of us - for enduring renditions of Summer Nights, Jesse's Girl, and some retro songs sung by Adam.

Before the holidays wrapped up and everyone went on their way, Ben had to make a few changes to my house ... the first was installing a new light in my entry way. The old one hung low (and we're tall people), so I got a new set of track lighting ... I can hear you all quoting Steel Magnolias right now, so just hush. Here is the light:

In addition, Ben thought I needed to reorganize my tool drawer (the bottom one in the kitchen - just like most single women). So he got me a manly tool box and a new drill. SWEET! I can't wait to find new things to screw. Who knew I needed one? And it's got a diagram that shows you where to turn the thing depending on what you're screwing. Funny. I used to just close my eyes and hope for the best.

Nanny pulled through, too. From her I got the greatest gift a girl could hope for: alcohol. And plenty of it. Not only did she give me this magnum of premixed Cosmos ... I am the proud owner of two bottles of Tiki Tini and Mojitos. Some grannys give sweaters or other traditional gifts. Not mine. I got vodka.

So there you go - I lot light to see better, power to screw more, and alcohol to help me do them all better!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy December!


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