It's closing in on early afternoon and I'm home from lunch and tucked into bed for the time being. I have a sore throat and general aches. It's in the 60s outside and I feel like I should take the dogs on a walk. This is their kind of weather. Instead I'm just gonna sit here in my own misery and feel guilty as I look at them snuggled up at the end of my bed.

Had to believe it's been five weeks since I wrote on here. Life has been just that busy and I've just been that bored.

Christmas was great - as was New Years. Spent it with the ones I love without much fanfare.

So let's talk.

Texting and Driving
The state just MAY outlaw texting and driving. I think that's great. Unless you're at a red light. I do not have the attention span to sit still at a red light. I can do email, google, etc. while waiting for the light to change. Some people see ADD as a challenge, I see it as a wonderful way to multitask.
I do think we need to outlaw drivers whose eyes are three or fewer inches higher than the steering wheel. They are much more than a hazard!

Psychic Abilities
I have none. But I am obsessed with Paranormal State and The Ghost Hunters. A lady died in my house (not by my hands!). I once thought her spirit was still here. After a few instances of swaying towels and chandeliers, I simply said, "Judy, thank you for being here to watch over me..." Since then I've not heard a thing. Although long before that, she went with me to Ashley's house - I know this because odd things stopped at my house, but started at hers. I went back to pick up Judy a few days later. Now when I travel I wonder if she comes with me - should I pack her a bag? It's all so odd because I don't think she can see/hear, etc. I just think she's a blob of energy. But these shows show that the blobs can respond to their questions. The minute Judy answers my questions is the minute I put the house on the market.

Speaking of moving ....

Letting the cat out of the bag:
I am applying for a job in Washington D.C. Not just any job either, but to be part of the White House Fellows program. While I absolutely love my life here in HSV, I know there's something more for me to do. It's a five-step process and we're in the "turn in your application/get reference letters" phase right now. I am truly a long LONG LOOOONNNNNGGGG shot. But I figure why not, right? It's a year-long program. Connect on steroids. I know how much I loved my Connect experience, so I know I'll love this even more and be able to give back at a greater level. Oh and moving to DC for a year, not such a bad part of the deal either.

The dogs are ready for a change as well. I'll know by April if I make it to the second round - cross fingers, send prayers, whatever it is that makes your wishes come true, please do this (in remembrance of me).

Wow - this isn't funny at all ... oh well, I'm medicated on antibiotics and need to go back to work. I feel like I've been living/working on my ass for a month now. Between the holidays and snow days, I've been at home more than anywhere else - even work. I am tired of the laptop. Tired of the couch and tired of being bored and sick. The dogs are even bored with me right now. I have come up with a new use for the ironing board - as an end table. Yep, officially pathetic. I have seen all of Glee (God love hulu.com), sewn gift bags, mastered wii tennis. Oh and worked about 50 hours on that aforementioned application.

Now I think it's time for a nap.


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