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Rat Shit

If I were to summarize 2010 in two words, it'd be Rat Shit. Mostly because on Tuesday night I cleaned up a bunch of it from behind the fridge. Poncho is still investigating the back of the fridge, so I pulled it out again - to find more rat shit.

I really do thrive on my independence - that boost of self-esteem you get when you take care of things like installing new locks, driving across the country, running a long distance. But then there are moments like this - when rat shit appears behind the fridge. I would really like someone to come clean it. I want someone to come find the shit producer and dispose of it. I want someone to just take care of it so I don't have to. Because for once, I really don't want to. i want the dogs to kill it and take it outside. I want life to go back to how it was before all this rat shit appeared.

The rat shit that is the tornado. The rat shit that is the break-in. The rat shit that is four people dead after two shootings in one w…

Southern Voice

Have you heard the Tim McGraw song Southern Voice? I love it!I can honestly say that I understand 100% of it, meaning I have fully acclimated to living in Alabama.

In honor of all those who've taught me what it means to be from Alabama, here are some great tips passed along to me today by one of my favorite Alabama girls - Gena, who was named after her momma's mom, grows awesome veggies, gathers her own eggs, and works for NASA turning pee into water for the ISS. SHE ROCKS!

My comments are in GREEN

Upon arriving in Ala-bam-uh, you must learn how to pronounce the major cities...Bum-in-ham; Hunts-vul; Mo-beeel, Mohnt-gummree

Driving Information:

Alabama has its own version of traffic rules. The truck with the loudest muffler goes next at a four-way stop. The truck with the biggest tires goes after that. <-I kind of disagree with this - it's usually ladies first. Honestly - if there are two people that pull up at once, a man and a woman, the woman goes first. Seriously. I…

Oh Happy Day

Gifts from God:
It's been a whirlwind of emotions in the Gregg household. First the bacterial+viral infection. Second the tornado. Third the attempted break-in. But today God gave me a gift a wonderful gift and I'm so excited I could pee in my panties.

Where I live I have the minority political opinion. I love our President. I know that I'm the minority, but that's okay. Just respect my beliefs. Don't insult, put down or belittle me because we disagree.

Well, there are people who make snide remarks all the time. I just brush them off. However today, I stumbled upon some ramblings of one such person. And ya'll! A light from the above broke through the clouds as angels sang glorious songs.

In the ramblings, the writer misused your/you're and who/whom. I giggled with delight. My heart raced as I read more! I belly-ached at their misuse of the English language.

"Oh God, thank you," I cried! "This makes up for the three disasters prev…