Oh Happy Day

Gifts from God:
It's been a whirlwind of emotions in the Gregg household. First the bacterial+viral infection. Second the tornado. Third the attempted break-in. But today God gave me a gift a wonderful gift and I'm so excited I could pee in my panties.

Where I live I have the minority political opinion. I love our President. I know that I'm the minority, but that's okay. Just respect my beliefs. Don't insult, put down or belittle me because we disagree.

Well, there are people who make snide remarks all the time. I just brush them off. However today, I stumbled upon some ramblings of one such person. And ya'll! A light from the above broke through the clouds as angels sang glorious songs.

In the ramblings, the writer misused your/you're and who/whom. I giggled with delight. My heart raced as I read more! I belly-ached at their misuse of the English language.

"Oh God, thank you," I cried! "This makes up for the three disasters previously mentioned. Thank you GOD!!!"

You can continue to make your remarks, but this is a treasure I will take to the grave. You, who insult and belittle my chosen beliefs, can't even get basic grammar correct. With beliefs, right or wrong don't exist. With grammar, right and wrong dictate. Excuses for such elementary mistakes are unacceptable.

I really want to copy/paste it all right here for you to see. However, I was raised better. Just remember, regardless of WHO you support, you are the one on WHOM your actions reflect.

Or is it you're actions?....buuhhhhaha hhhhaaaaa haaa!


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