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Allison Gregg Merchandise

Announcing the hot new line of Allison Gregg merchandise. Sure to be one of Oprah’s top picks.
Have you ever been out on the town and thought to yourself “What Would Allison Write” about this situation? Well now you won’t forget. This design makes a great key fob or wine glass tag.
Volvo car keys not included.
And for all you Green Letter Pearl Girls…..this is great on a necklace or pearl bracelet!

Saving the best for last… the spirit of Flavor Flav tick tock Allison Gregg just won’t stop!
Check out this new great piece available only through authorized LIAISONS and Green Letter Pearl Girl Charter Members (each piece comes signed by Allison herself). For only $59.95 she will pose for a picture with the lucky owner.
What Pearl Girl can pass up the chance to have a framed picture on her dresser?

For more information on this great opportunity to set your own hours and make loads of cash contact me soon. Limited areas available and spots are filling fast!
Jennifer Shrader SwobodaExecutive…


BIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVE2010-2011 White House FellowshipsALLISON GREGGAs the director of a community leadership program, educating and engaging our future leaders to assure the success of a community is my life’s mission.This understanding comes from an array of experiences, travels, and service. As an infant, my father’s career took our family to Tehran, Iran.We stayed until 1978, when the unrest that would eventually lead to the exile of the Shah erupted.Following a brief time in San Diego, we would return overseas, making a home in Sicily.Even though my brothers and I attended school on the American base, Sigonella, our family lived outside the gates.By 1983, we found our way to St. Louis and eventually Seattle.I graduated from Mt.RainierHigh School in 1992 and began at HighlineCommunity College the next week.In March 1995, I transferred to WesternWashingtonUniversity.I wrote for our school paper while earning a bachelor of arts in journalism/public relations.Following graduation, I …

Bio Sketch - need your feedback; may be too flimsy

Rules: Following this format, please summarize in narrative paragraph format your background, education, major accomplishments, awards, community involvement, outside interests, and anything else that might distinguish you from other candidates.Please note that your narrative must fit on one side of an 8-½ x 11” sheet of paper as a MicrosoftWord document, single-spaced, in 12-point, Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. Please double-space between paragraphs. The biographical narrative should be written in the first person.BIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVE2010-2011 White House FellowshipsALLISON GREGGAs the director of a leadership program, I understand the importance of educating and engaging our future leaders to assure the success of a community.Understanding what it takes for people to work for the common good comes from a life of searching out ways to understand, communicate, and collaborate with those around me.During my earliest years, my father’s career took us to Tehran, Iran.…


There's a new favorite song of mine - I discovered it from one of those free Starbucks/iTunes download. It's called "Still" by Great Lake Swimmers. I love it so much because it's about self evolving (evolvement?). A lot of my friends, including myself, are going through major life changes. The words capture that anticipation perfectly.

Here are the words:

I'm still tuning myself to the great key
I'm still mining for light in the dark wells
I'm still a frequency swaying deep in the wind
I'm still searching whispers in between yells

I'm still swimming in harmony
I'm still dreaming of flight
I'm still lost in the waves, night after night

I'm still an arrow unshot, fixed in a bow
I'm still a fire until, ready to go
I'm still longing and waiting, with anticipation to fly
I'm still studying the patterns in the night sky
I'm still note that's unplayed, ink on the page
I'm still a cry in the night, lonesome and high
I'm st…