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History of Huntsville

My aunt forwarded this to me - sounds like one of those stories written by a kid ... think all you Connectors (esp. Sarah Lauren Kattos) will get a good laugh:

A Brief History of Huntsville
By Matthew Pierce

Huntsville was founded a long time ago by someone who is now dead. In the beginning, the city was called
Twickenham. This was before Bridge Street, so it was not a good time to be a resident. Later on the town
was renamed Huntsville, because, come on, Twickenham. The name “Huntsville” was taken from an
Indian word that roughly translates to, “We’re getting out of here, there’s a tornado coming.”

Huntsville was an important part of the Civil War. Confederate forces willingly surrendered the town to the
Yankees, who did not know about the tornadoes. The rebels thought this was very funny. Several Yankees were
sucked up and landed on Monte Sano, where they remain to this day. They are called Presbyterians.

The first mayor of Huntsville was Wernher Von Braun, who was a scientist who invented th…