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Well. That was stupid

Do you ever have a brilliant idea that is paired with your ability to think, "Why yes, I can do just about anything"?

That moment hit me about 8:45 p.m. as I was leaving family dinner and heading home. Jake and Poncho had explored the area surrounding the Tee of Hole 4 at the Grande Highlands Course while the family enjoyed a great dinner. During their adventure, they found sticky bushes. They were covered in sticky things. With a week before their grooming appointment and Alabama summer upon us, I decided to swing by Wal-Mart and buy a grooming kit. I could kill two birds with one razor: get the sticky things off their fur and give them a trim to get them through the next week.

I would like to think my overly positive outlook on life really needs to be adjusted.

The event went like this: I hoisted Poncho (12 pounder who must have smoked a lot of pot in his last life because he is the most laid back dog ever) up on the ironing board, with NO DROP Cloth. I opened the ne…

Hello Stranger

There I was, at dinner when I got a wag of the finger: you haven't blogged since April! She was right. They all were right. I can't dispute facts.

So, what has been going on these last few months? A Shit Load.

Life is divided into categories: work, family, and friends, with love binding them together.

Work: Yeah, that whole go work in The White House for a year didn't exactly go my way. Not that I was surprised, but very disappointed. That news came in early May, the time frame I refer to as the mid-point of the vortex of crap. 2010 wasn't off to a good start anyhow: the tornado, a break-in, a rat, deaths. Clearly the holiday update letter would be a downer.

Mom came home in May and through lots of talking and crying, my job and I parted ways around Memorial Day. Since then, I've done a lot of drinking, sitting on my ass, and wondering what the future will hold.

Turns out, I get to create it all myself. Create I have! Please get acquainted with Sassy Pants Public Relati…