I Do Declare

Just a few random declarations:

I have been known to double dip.

I never wanted to be a rock star, but I like to party like one.

I'd rather lift weights and push my body that way than do cardio.

I love living next door to Mr. Vickers. He always plants a garden in the spring/summer. This season it's tomatoes, some other stuff and sunflowers. I would like to have a garden, but I lack the patience and dedication. I am a "set it and forget it" kind of gal.

I enjoy watching Poncho lick grass.

I love music with words; mostly I just love words.

My list of deal breakers has diminished as I get older. Now it's mostly the major sins.

I imagine being a baby is the most frustrating time in your life, even more than being a teenage girl.

I really do hate the "Real Housewives" series.

I can dig a hole.

We never have to worry about me being addicted to anything - again, I lack dedication.

I love to cook. However, I'm not good at it. Plus anything made by anyone else tastes much better. And if I don't have to clean up, it tastes magnificent.

I wonder how many people take out life insurance on their spouses without the intention of killing them. Clearly I've watched too much Dateline Investigation stories.

I spotted a typo on a slide on Intervention and got totally giddy, but wanted to call them and tell them to correct it.

While I'm proud of my mom for her career, it just sucks that I can't call her to share news - good and bad.

I still believe there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, that recliners are a slice of heaven, and there's nothing greater than having people who accept you even though you're slightly crazy.


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