Dear Fear: I just don't care.

Great music is back! Forget the modern day teens who wail on the radio, I'll take a few of the older, more established musicians any day.

Right now I'm really loving P!nk even more than usual.

Her song "Glitter" cuts to the core of me in a way I can't describe. My favorite line is:

Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, "I just don't care"?

Yes, yes I have. Recently.

Every day these last three months. Leaving the job to start something new, that was terrifying. But I looked at fear and said, "Not today, thank you." What these past three months have taught me is:

1. You find out who your friends are. They're the ones who burn up YOUR phone line and email with notes of love and support. They don't call around to find out how you're doing, they call you. They're there when the chips are down and your hand is empty. I really am blessed with great friends. The other morning Sandra Bullock was on The Today Show talking about people with integrity. While the definition of the word has gotten kicked around, it simply means people who do what they say they're gonna do. Crooks and friends alike have integrity. People who abandon you don't, unless they warned you they would. Not a day goes by that I don't get on my knees and thank God for showing me who my friends are.

2. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Can you believe I didn't go into debt while being unemployed? Nor did I call on the government for help. I did take up free dinners and lunches when they were offered, but not once did I or the dogs go without. I am really proud of this. Three months with no income ... enough savings to cover the bills. It all worked out just perfectly.

Had I not told fear, "I just don't care", I wouldn't have learned this. I would have continued to be a slave to it. Thank you, P!nk for putting it to words for me.

Of course there are plenty of other songs I'm loving right now. But bed is calling.

Never fear fear. Never think you have to remain unhappy. You don't. Take that leap, as scary as it is. Take a big fat jump and figure it out on the way down. Yes, there are moments of paralyzing terror. There are countless hours spent wondering, "what the hell?" But ... and I promise you this... LEAPING AND LANDING IS BETTER THAN CAVING. Any day.


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