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Addicted to Miners

First let me say, "way to go rescue team". What an amazing accomplishment to bring the miners to the surface. I imagine everyone is tired, stinky, and needs a good meal.

Second. I've been way too addicted to this story. I stayed up well past midnight watching the initial rescues, crying. At work, I continually checked to see the status ticker. I read all the bios, studied their faces, wiped some more tears and prayed. Oh I prayed. Today at work we had a celebration lunch. I walked into the room, and there were about three men of Hispanic descent wearing Fire Retardant Clothing similar to the ones the guys are wearing in Chile. I had to take a double take because I wanted to hug them and say "THANK GOD YOU'RE ALIVE".

Che-Che-Che lay-lay-lay! Way to go Chile! I'm proud of you - thank GOD each of you are alive. I'm proud of NASA, of all the rescuers who VOLUNTEERED to save the men.

Also - have you heard the story about the married miner whose wi…