Thankful? You bet your sweet ass.

I am envious of everyone who has the commitment to post their “Thanks” as their Facebook status updates. If I could remember to do anything for more than two days, it’d be a milestone. As I’m enjoying this lovely Thanksgiving morning, I thought I’d take time to give out one big posting of thanks.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my dogs.

I’m thankful for people. Let me be specific here: The women of my family. Their strength is amazing – continually reminding me how to rise up and live.

I am thankful for my relationship with God – that it doesn’t fit into anyone religion, but fits me perfectly and allows me to grow and serve my purpose here on this planet.

I love technology. With my mom across the world, I’m thankful that we can instant message, Skype, and talk anytime. Her job is way more important than I can fathom, but at the end of the day she’s still my mom. Thank you, Technology, for keeping her close while serving our country in Africa.

The US Military. Our family is militarily influenced. Pop, Uncle Steve, Cousin Steven, Cousin-in-Law Amy, Cousin Chase all serve/d our country, giving us each the right to live these lives. I am thankful for their commitment. I also am thankful for the military personnel who keep mom safe in Africa and when she was in Iraq.

I am thankful for the secret rug.

I am thankful for digging holes, and friends who fill them up with sand.

I am thankful for alcohol.

I am thankful for my legs – as long and awkward as they are, they can carry me miles upon miles at great speeds. The therapy and peace that comes from running is priceless.

I am thankful for words: for the writers who string them together, for the musicians who sing them, and for my God-given gift to use them to make a living.

I am thankful that Poncho found his way to me so I can care for him and give him the medical attention he needs. Puppy mill dogs need more love than you can imagine, but what they give is priceless.

I am thankful for The White House Fellows Interview experience. How do I even summarize what I learned through that? I can’t. Just can’t. Beyond words.

I am thankful that I know the back exits of most bars in Huntsville.

I am thankful for the people who’ve come along on this ride and who have kept the little train running.

Have a great Thanksgiving, y’all! Gobble up the love and family!!!!


  1. I loved your list of things to be thankful for, thank you for sharing! Heres to our awesome schnauzers, a good drink, and a fabulous book...what more do we need?!


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