Leadership 21 Quotes From Last Night

Most people won't appreciate the full humor of this, it's more for my lovely classmates:

I love my Leadership Class 21 family. They are a hodgepodge group of people if I ever did see one. A pastor, a preacher, a rabbi, a mayor, city council, grant writer, business leaders, an astronaut (and a fake one), a selection of retired military, the police chief (now serving in DC on a super cool assignment) me, Albert, and Rena. When we get together laughter is bound to happen.

Here are a few highlights from last night:

Landon: I must say, you were a bit harsh.
Greg: Great, coming from you that means I must have been a dick.

Rena: I've had to go to the bathroom for an hour, but I don't want want to miss a thing.

Landon: That was not nice. You can't do that. That was not nice. Now can I just finish my story? So...We're on the phone with Rham Emmanuel ...

Albert: Can we just air our grievances?
Allison: Yes, what are they?
Albert: How come when you all come to Miami you never visit me?
Allison: I was interviewing for a job at The White House.
Albert: And all you did was call? Look at how that turned out.
Allison: Yeah, I should have called. (resigned) I don't have any grievances to air.

Greg: I think Horack just made that song up. His mind is brilliant like that. (Everyone agrees because we're all obsessed with Horack.)
Albert and Allison: Yeah, I've googled the shit out of that song

Greg: We are the reason for the alcohol ban.
Carrie: Why? What exactly did we do?
Allison: A wine tasting on the bus to start.
Greg and Carrie: Yeah, that will kind of do it.
Allison: Plus there was that Connect Class.

Carrie (to me): How did you get more beautiful since I last saw you?
Allison: I've lived a lot this year.
Rena: Yeah, she's lived a lot

Steve (to me): I've been trying to hit on you all night.
Allison: How did I not notice? (typical) Here, rub this.


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