Random Tidbits

What the What? I often find myself quoting 30 Rock. Unfortunately the listeners don’t always appreciate it and perhaps get offended when I say things like, “I love it so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.” We all know I steer clear of middle schools and can’t get anything pregnant. I love Tracy Morgan in this show. He's his own version of crazy.

Owned. I am owned by many things right now. Here is a brief list:
Casseroles - homemade
The Fresh Market's Rotisserie Chicken Salad
Cylindrical Meat (always)
Arrested Development
The Song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele
The Song "Colder Weather" by Zac Brown Band
Zebra Print Shoes
My Favorite Bartender Vince
My Fitness Partner Shawn
The parking guidelines at HealthSouth on Governor's Drive
Pink Taffeta dresses
Morning Running

The other day I came home and my GOD the dogs were excited to see me. I'd only been gone a few hours, but they really missed me. I was overjoyed at their expression of love: hopping, twisting, fighting for my attention, and sitting at attention. Then. I saw why they were so happy. They'd worked their way through an energy powerbar. These dogs can stomach anything. They have devoured trail mix, chocolate bars, drink powder (crystal light), and more...packs of gum, boxes of triscuits...yes. It's all true. You'd think I'd become more cautious about what I leave out ... but I just forget and am always impressed with their digestive resolve.

I really like working at a manufacturing plant. I never thought I'd say that. This morning at coffee with one of my favorite husbands, I found myself gushing over my job. It's just contract work and will be done in a few months time, but here's what rocks:
I get to wear jeans - every day
Open-toed shoes are frowned upon
My office is made of cinderblocks - no sound gets in or out
My project team who taught me so much about CCTV, SDAs, SES, LOPCs, etc.
I'm learning a whole new language
It's interesting work, and I can wear jeans.

Now - none of my clothes fit right now. I've gotten so much smaller that everything is falling off me. The "crotch" of the pants I wore today was about six inches below where it should be. I went shopping this weekend and had no luck finding anything I wanted. Instead I bought shoes and sunglasses. I scooped up the glasses in a hurry. I didn't realize they have a pattern with a snake. I don't wear patterns and loathe snakes. I'm going to have to paint them or never look at myself while wearing them. Well. If you know anything about me, you know I love looking at myself in the mirror. Always have. My family knows that if we go to a restaurant where there is a mirror, I can't sit facing it, otherwise I'll be fully engaged with my reflection the entire time. I remember spending countless hours in bathrooms looking at myself, posing, and making faces.

Tonight, my cousin Anna and I braved a class at the gym. The mirror wasn't friendly. I had to stop looking at her because I was so obsessed with laughing at myself. I was a disaster, always a few steps behind or facing the wrong way. Nonetheless, we survived the whole thing and I look forward to our next adventure in kickboxing. I'm just lucky that she'll spend time with me - she's way younger and tons cooler. I love her endlessly and admire her more than I can say. Anna WEE!

I'm not going to touch on the crisis in Japan other than saying this: we are all so lucky. Say your prayers of thanks tonight.


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