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Heat and Road Kill

Just a Few Thoughts

It is 6:18 p.m. on the first day of summer, which happens to be my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Cindy-Lou! It’s also 86 degrees outside. Tonight around midnight, I am going to wake up and stand on my back porch just to remember what the 70s feels like. Yes, it’s going to dip down to 79 degrees. I am slightly giddy. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep through the cold snap and by the time I get on the road to run in the morning (circa 5:30 a.m.), the temps will be back in the mid to low 80s.

I am not complaining at all. I’m merely stating facts. And the bottom line is that it’s hot. It’s so fucking hot. This morning it was so hot that Poncho puked three times before collapsing into the wet grass. I carried his panting ass back to the apartment and put him in a cool bath. He’s fine. Mind you he ran like the dickens during his off-leash session. Bless him.

I know that the heat is getting to me because I get warm and slightly uncomfortable when I see the national newsca…


It's been three weeks today since I packed up my life, cried my way across the state and arrived in Gulf Shores. I was a hot mess. It was the Friday of Memorial Day and traffic was a bitch. The movers were sweet, young boys who sprinted up and down the one flight of stairs with half of my life's possessions. They put things where they needed to be and left me alone. The dogs inspected the new place, but could not be settled.

Without the basic needs for a new house, I hurried to Target. Surely my happy place would lighten the mood. No. I loaded the cart with new dog beds, toilet paper, wine, a corkscrew, snacks, and water. I lugged it all up the stairs, quickly realizing how one flight of stairs would either change my shopping addiction OR trim my tush. The dogs were relieved upon my return. I put things where they should go and attempted to calm the boys. Again, they were none too pleased with my life decision.

I slumped down on the screen-in porch and cried as the evening'…