After Glowing ... Still

I checked the race results online today to assure myself of a few things:
1.  I really did win my age group
2.  I wasn't the only one in my age group

Yes, there were fifteen women in my group.  The second and third place finishers came in within two minutes (after me).  When the awards ceremony was held, I was the only female who came up to the stage.  See:

Yes, that's Olympian Johnny Gray in the hat.  Note the difference in my body and the male top finisher.  He's fit and fast.  Seeing this picture has inspired me to get my ass back to running daily.   I do want you to know that I did not run in that skirt.  I changed after the race because ... well, let's get personal here ... running makes you sweat.  I hate the smell of any bodily secretion.  Knowing that I'd have to stay after the race, I grabbed this skirt and granny panties on the way out of the house.  It was windy.  I am sure my hanes her ways were seen by those downwind of me.  Hate it for ya, especially since it blew up several times when I was in the food line.  Trying to balance a plate whilst pouring shrimp goodness over my grits of course brought on a massive burst of wind, thus forcing the skirt to fly.  At that moment, shirmp and grits outranked pride.

But here's the thing.  I always watch the beginning of seach season of Biggest Loser.  Because of this, I know what most people look like nearly naked.  The lyrca that holds their parts in place can't disguise the years of bad decisions that landed them on those scales.  Everytime I see an overweight person, I imagine them on those scales.  Their arms can't lay flat at their sides.  They waddle up the stairs.  Their bellies covering their fun parts.  Also, I live in a beach town.  So if my cotton skirt flew up, exposing my panties, so be it.  I'm sure we've all seen much worse on the shore and television.

I do want to thank my (only non-work) friend, Dianne, for taking this picture:
I saw her on the sidelines as we were waiting for the race - once I noticed the camera, I posed like I was some deseperate reality star.  Apparently so did #1130.  I think I pulled it off better, thanks to the hip pop.

I received a call from a publisher today, one day after I decided to write my book.  God's clearly got me on his "been nice" list.  I'll be getting in touch with them tomorrow to see what they have to say.  I guess this paragraph should really be the lead story, but the other stuff was so much more fun.


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