Let's Get Serious Here

It's Sunday.  It's rainy.  If rainy days and Sundays get you down, you're royally screwed today.  Judging by the chatter on Facebook, it's a rainy day across the state.  At my beach place, the dogs are napping and I'm eaten up with cabin fever.  I just finished Mindy Kaling's book and have been approached by a publisher (or someone who claims to have connections).  Perhaps it's time for me to get serious.

Should I really be writing all this in a blog and then turn the blog into a book?  Why pay for what you can get for free?  But then again, this cow loves giving away her milk.  I can't quit it.  Writing is who I am.  It defines me.  I am such a writer that I love loathing it. 

I need to find the bridge that's going to take me from the infrequent blogger to paid, published, internationally-hailed writer.  The problem has nothing to do with finding the bridge, it has to do with me believing I can actually cross it.  I can.  I think.  I mean, if I had help.  A lot of help.  And not the kind that comes in 1.25 ounce shot glasses.

Why do I let my fears hold me back?  Do I not deserve what my heart desires?  Do I not have the talent?  The dedication?  The ability?  I do - I have it all.  So.  Let's get serious about this writing thing.  I'll be gainfully unemployed in a year's time.  This I can pretty much promise you.  Our jobs here are temporary, we were told this from the onset.  How are you going to afford that new car?  The house?  The dog food?  The race entry fees? 

What should I write about?  Eccentric characters with limps or accents?  Blah.  My dogs?  No.  No one finds this amusing, only eccentric characters, and since we ruled them out...next idea.  A girl follows her dream and moves to the beach only to realize she misses her native town?  Seriously?  No.  Again - no one can empathize with a life on the beach accompanied by a fat-ass paycheck, especially eccentric dog owners.  I love to write about my life experiences, my trials, accomplishments and growth.  It's rewarding, and fulfills my narcissistic, obsessive personality.  I know they ring true to a broad audience.  This is not because I am fabulous.  It's because I'm honest and raw.  I don't sugarcoat life, nor do I glorify it's filth.  I take each step and learn and share.  At the heart of my (eccentric, non-limping) character is a girl who truly empathizes with others, who loves to point out the irrational rationale, who wants to make this world a better place - one word at a time.

God chose me to be a writer.  He equipped me with the heart that feels other's pain.  He gave me the keen observation skills needed to translate action to words and vice versa.  He allowed me the fear of the gift.  Now it's time to step onto the bridge.  (I did just barf a little when that came out of me.)

So, stay tuned - it's about to get a little exciting up in here.  Thanks for coming along on the ride.


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