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Party of One - Published in Valley Planet, January 2012

The New Annual List We’ve rung in the New Year and let’s face it – you’ve made your resolutions.You are really going to stick to it this year.Good for you.I’m not.I’m not even going to make that list of what I’ll do this year.I’m taking a new approach in 2012.I’m making the opposite of a Bucket List.While the name I call it in person rhymes with Bucket List, for this column, we’ll call it the Anti-Bucket List.The following is a list of things I refuse to do this year and hopefully beyond.
1. Noodling.Have you seen this God Awful Adventure?It is my version of Hell.It is fishing for catfish using your hands.I came across this wicked phenomenon while flipping through the TV channels.It starts with a group of 4-6 strangers arriving in the rural South.I am totally fine with that part.Here’s where my version of hell begins:the soon-to-be fishers sleep in camping trailers during this escapade.The next morning starts with the group accompan…