The Fun in Dysfunctional

For work, we drive a lot.  Have I mentioned this?  I rarely drive my personal car, instead opting for one of three pool cars.  My favorite is the 2102 Taurus.  It is a powerful, comfortable car.  My other option is the Dodge Caravan.  It sucks.  In the Ford, I look sleek and sophisticated.  In the van I look like a granny.  In the Ford, awesome music always plays.  In the van, it's non-stop commercials, John Tesh, and REO Speedwagon. As I wrote this, four of us were in the van, heading to a chamber of commerce meeting. Even after working in a chamber of commerce for four years, I now spend more time in chamber meetings and luncheons.  We each were tired; everyone seemed a little grumpy and irritated with each other.  To counteract this, I sang along to the music:  Center field.  Put me in coach, I am ready to play, today.  I can be center field.  I won.

After work, I got home and took the boys on their walk before I went to class at the gym.  Poncho and I had the following conversation:

P:  Where are you going?
Me:  To class.
P: I want to go to class.
Me: What kind of class?
P:  Philosophy.  Architecture.  Cooking.
M:  Why do you want to take those classes?
P:  I have a lot to learn and some times feel like I'm being left out of conversations.
M:  Who do you have conversations with about philosophy, architecture and cooking?
P:  I just watch a lot of TV when you're not here.

I go a lot of classes.  Yesterday we discussed tennis.  Tonight's class was super cardio.  I've dropped about 23 pounds since moving here.  I have about 30 more to go, but it's just one mile at a time.  At class tonight, there was the girl who made me cry a few months back - made me cry because she commented on how much I sweat.  Well.  Ever since then, she's reminded me of her comment by pointing out how much I sweat and how little she does.  One day, I was telling my trainer about this.  And informed me that she has some mental development issues.  Probably some glandular ones, too!

Today, my trusty black work pants have been laid to rest.  As I was wearing them, and continually pulling them up, I noticed my thong was hanging out of my pants - all over, not just in the back.  It's also time to let this particular thong go.  I've had it for years (or is it them?).  Anyone who has done my laundry can tell you that I have tons of underwear options.  This is because that I always buy new ones before I go on a trip AND some times, I go on trips and forget to bring panties.  In the case of forgetting panties, I go get cheap things at Wal-Mart.  My preferred brand comes from Target - silky cotton things of which I now own at least 25 pairs. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, no one does my laundry.  However, if there were classes to teach dogs how to do laundry, I know one pup who'd be signed up in a heartbeat.


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