It's Only Monday?

If it's only Monday, then why on God's Green Earth does it feel like a Wednesday?  Wednesdays are the WORST DAY OF THE WEEK PERIOD.  It feels like it's been a straight month of those nasty W-days.  But it is Monday.  The Hangout Festival is done - another file to move to the "past events" folder.  We went to gather our boxes today and the fences have vanished.  The smell of pot and body fluids has been replaced by fresh gulf breezes.  Traffic heading north on 59 was bumper-to-bumper.  Now that I've been here a year, I know and use the back roads to cut around the traffic.  I can't believe it's almost been a year.  The best, hardest year of my life.  The experiences I've had are priceless.  I can't sum up this job and people.  But I can tell you I've grown to love it.  I've gone through ups and downs, but I now see how precious time is. 

Nanny's been gone almost two months and I dream of her regularly.  In my dreams she is young, healthy and vibrant.  She holds court, laughs and drinks.  I wish I never deleted any of her voice mails.  I have two on my phone that I listen to when I'm afraid I forgot her voice.  In one message she's stoic - clearly in pain and suffering but denying it.  I inherited this trait.  We'll talk more about it another time.  In the second VM, she's inquiring about the weather.  "Call me back," she states before pressing the "end call" button.  I still am in denial.  I still can't believe one of my constants is no more.  But I have felt her presence with me often.   It's comforting and calming.  And it reminds me to close the bathroom door.

With Booty Camp on break, I opted for tennis tonight.  My little heart lit up when the wonder kid asked me to be her partner for Olympics (one of the cardio games we play).  Blake is about 11 and is a phenom in the scientific sense of the word.  I was over the moon excited.  So excited that I tripped on a ball, twisted my ankle and pulled some tendons in my knee.  But, like Nanny, I hopped up and shook it off.  This was fine throughout the rest of class.  Then I got to the grocery store and realized that I had no dog food or the ability to walk.  This was fine with the cart, but when it came to climbing the single flight of stairs to my apartment, I was a hot mess.  To top it off, the lights in the walkway are not working and I left the keys in the car, all the while it was storming.  Some times things just SUCK.  I have been doing kick-ass with my training and I hope this doesn't delay my progress.

That is all for tonight.  Do you watch Family Guy?  I love this shit.  Now I've said all there is to say.


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