Oh, Really?

Who am I?  It's 16 minutes before 10 p.m. and I'm watching Justin Beiber on The Voice.  All four facts listed in the previous statement are absolutely true.  Two of them are a little unbelievable.  I am really watching Justin Beiber on The Voice?  Ugh.  Who am I?  I committed to watching this show on accident.  It comes on before Smash, my most favorite new show.  I stuck with The Voice.  I have no reason.  It is what it is. 

I spent part of the day on the road.  This is what I realize:  life is like drving.  Just get the fuck out of my way and we'll all be okay.  Don't lollygag in front of me.  Move the fuck over.  Aren't familiar with the term lollygag?  It was one of my nanny's words.  She also said you were telling "gollywoggles" when you made up stories.  But her favorite saying was, "Who's picking me up?"  It's been about five weeks since she's passed away.  I do miss her deeply.  Every few days she sends me a sign that she's right next to me.  I always told her give me a sign and she's kept true to her promise.  I can't wait to see what other kind of trouble she stirs up.

Prior to planting my ass on the couch, I went to cardio tennis.  I LOVE TENNIS.  I played for a few months about 10 years ago.  I have a coach I see every few weeks.  We work on swings and positioning.  But playing is where I come alive.  Tremendous improvement is apparent each class.  I love the sweat it produces and the stress it releases.

Well, the winner has been announced and I'd like to just declare that I called it.  I called it!  Now he's going to sing some R. Kelly.  The perfect way to wash that Bieber out of my ears!


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