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Sick Day(s)

Too much content for a Facebook post and not interesting enough for a column ... here is a blog about my sick day(s).

Hour 48:  My hands are trembling.  A steady dose of antibiotics and steroids flow through my body, put there via shots to my ass five hours ago.  I could really use some ice cream or chocolate.  Not alcohol.  I'm not craving alcohol?  Who am I?  I can't have the chocolate or ice cream, which I would REALLY like because I can't exercise at my regular level.  Also, I've come to see that I have the eating disorder that is the opposite of anorexia.  We'll address the exercise thing another day. 

Right now I want you to understand why I could never be a drug addict.  Drugs are bad. 

Hour 42:  I poured myself into stained jeans, which are a bit tight these days, put the hair up in a pony tail and hustled on down to the doctor's office. My tolerance for seeking medical help is very low - until about 20 years ago when I realized I was a terrible sick per…