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The last of my things from Alabama made their way to the Pacific Northwest by way of my mother’s shipment of her goods.  After a quick trip to Portland, they sit in their “for-now” destination: my 836 sq. ft., fifth-floor apartment overlooking Mount Rainier.  The view is delightful and the building is brand new, unlike my last long-term residence.  As I tore open the boxes, excitement tore through me.  I wondered what hid inside and anticipated the memories that would flood me.  I couldn’t have been more let down. 
Inside the first of two boxes, four towels revealed themselves.  White and light green, the colors of my old bathroom in my old house during my old life.  They wouldn’t match my new color scheme of grey and turquoise.  After I pulled them to my face and inhaled the scent of my old life, I chucked them into the laundry to quickly wash out the musty smell. They hadn’t seen the light of day in 10 months, a fact made apparent by their smell.
Below the towels sat three power stri…