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And Now We Fight

Rent went up $250.  Yep.  I knew it would go up when it came time to renew, but I figured it wouldn't be that much. I love my place, but paying more than $1600 for 800 square feet is isn't in my budget and is ridiculous.       I got the news about 48 hours ago.  Fortunately Mom was already on her way to town.  As my life has navigated the roller coaster of these last 12 months, she's become my sounding board. This rent increase was going to require a lot of sounding and boarding.      In the midst of my shock, I loaded the boys up in the car and drove to other nearby places to imagine if I could live there. After trolling a few parking lots with junked out cars and seeing unkempt buildings, I decided that no, I couldn't live there.     When life hands you lemons, there are a few things you should do.  Here's my list for surviving a lemon season:      1.  Do not jump to any conclusions:  Just because they offered to increase my rent doesn't really mean they me…

Not all hookers look like Julia Roberts

“You want some business?” the lady inquired across the darkened plaza. I walked closer, my dogs coming into her view line. “Oh, nevermind, just thought you were looking for some business.”
     “What kind of business?” My request went unanswered as she wandered off into the night. I continued my walk, thinking I’d quickly staved off getting wrapped into a pyramid scheme situation that would include me going to meetings and pushing products on Facebook. Upon further reflection, it came to me that the business being offered was the oldest profession. Giggles filled my body, “She sure didn’t look like a hooker!”
    When you move from mid-sized-town Alabama to Seattle, you’re bound to learn a few things. For example, my frame of reference for hooker looks comes from Pretty Woman – but in reality, most hookers don’t look like Julia Roberts. The Hookers’ Beauty Not Equal to Julia Roberts’ Beauty was my first lesson.  My second lesson was that life here is harder and more expensive than …