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Continuing the List: Chivalry

The thing I miss the most about the South is chivalry. When I see it and benefit from it here in the PNW, I am quickly reminded that it's more rare than an I-don't-do-coffee Washingtonian.
     This morning, with my Tully's in hand (because Starbucks is still closed for remodeling), the elevator door opened to me - on the ground floor.  Inside were two colleagues.  When they didn't get off, I boarded the elevator and asked with a smile, "What are you two doing? Taking joy rides?"
     "She wouldn't get off before me ...," the guy said.  Apparently she refused his chivalry - thus the elevator closed and came down to get me.
     "Ahh, chivalry... we need to take appreciate it when it's offered, and guy here is exceptional at showing chivalry," I said.
     For the last 15 months, I have thoroughly enjoyed guy's manners - always holding the door, being polite, treating me like a lady.  Oh I do miss some good old Southern gentlem…

The List

I've come to see a few things recently.  One is that columns have turned into lists - rather than stringing paragraphs together with thoughtful prose, we separate things out and slap a number in front of the idea.  This is how readers read and writers write. 

Here's my list of things I'm grateful for today:

1.  The Pope's visit to America.  The second best thing about his visit is that Brian Williams was back on TV.  I love, admire, adore Brian Williams.  A story got exaggerated - not my concern.  As the child of a story exaggerator, I see how it happens.  I have no judgement, just pure love for B-DUB and am thrilled he's back on TV.  And if you read this story, you'll see I'm not alone in my pure happiness about his return.

2.  Podiatrists.  I had my first visit to this line of medical business.  And I left with one less toenail.  It's been janky for a year now - falling off, trying to regrow, falling off.  Today, the doctor pulled the thing out so we can…