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On Being Harassed

This is what I looked like yesterday – not attractive in the least.  My pants are too short, my “badge of honor” sweatshirt isn’t fitted at all.  But it was enough to have me harassed at a level I’ve never experienced. And I’m at the point where enough is enough.
Let me paint the picture for you:  it was about 11:32 a.m., there was a break in the rain, so I took the dogs out – left the house and started walking on the sidewalk (in front of an elementary school) of a four-lane road.  I’m walking at a quick pace because my 14-pounder likes to walk the edge of the sidewalk – and this makes me very anxious as cars go about 40 miles per hour down the road.  
A car pulls into the median and the driver, a young man starts yelling at me. 

Immediately I felt uncomfortable.  I can’t remember his exact words – but he was saying sexually explicit things at me.  I pointed to my ear and shrugged, “I can’t hear.”  My lie didn’t stop him.  He persisted.  I repeated myself.
He pulled off and I was reliev…