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I can't thank you enough

Like most people today, I’m a touch reflective – thinking about the path of my life and how I arrived here. Like some people, I am continually amazed that this here is where I am: I’m alive, healthy, loved, employed, and ambitious.  Above all, I am thankful. I have two stories I want to tell you, but today it seems appropriate to share with you they how, what, and why of my thankfulness.
Above all, I am thankful for my family and friends that are my family.  My framily.  I am loved, housed, fed, and entertained beyond measure. My dogs are the loves of my life. I am thankful that they’re mostly healthy, loved, housed, and provide us with much entertainment.
This year, I am beyond thankful for my body and how it allows me to push it, run it, stretch it, and nurture it.  It is not the body I had three years ago and it won’t be the one I have next year.  It’s an amazing thing.  Today I took it for a run.  Just three little miles – 1.5 with the wind and 1.5 into it.  My body gave a resoundi…

I don't mean to be. But I am.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’m not working today.Well.I am working – from my cellphone and eventually my laptop.But I’m also driving a few hours south to spend the holiday at my mom’s house.      As a result of good planning, I was on the road by 8:30 a.m. and missed traffic.  But about halfway to Vancouver (Wash.), my nasal passages are so clogged that I need meds – I’m not going to make it the rest of the way.       Siri, my trusty Siri, helps me get to the closest Walgreens, just off I-5, exit 79.  This is semi-rural Washington.  I’m about 90 miles outside of Seattle and just as many from Portland.  It’s a lovely day – the sun is so bright but the air is too cold.  I pull into the parking lot, hustle into the store, pick up my goods and a few treats for the boys (all four), and decide I need coffee.  Fortunately I see a Starbucks across the intersection.  I head to the counter and there’s a situation brewing.  Buy two get one free isn’t registering on the register.  A …