Friday, September 25, 2015

Continuing the List: Chivalry

     The thing I miss the most about the South is chivalry. When I see it and benefit from it here in the PNW, I am quickly reminded that it's more rare than an I-don't-do-coffee Washingtonian.
     This morning, with my Tully's in hand (because Starbucks is still closed for remodeling), the elevator door opened to me - on the ground floor.  Inside were two colleagues.  When they didn't get off, I boarded the elevator and asked with a smile, "What are you two doing? Taking joy rides?"
     "She wouldn't get off before me ...," the guy said.  Apparently she refused his chivalry - thus the elevator closed and came down to get me.
     "Ahh, chivalry... we need to take appreciate it when it's offered, and guy here is exceptional at showing chivalry," I said.
     For the last 15 months, I have thoroughly enjoyed guy's manners - always holding the door, being polite, treating me like a lady.  Oh I do miss some good old Southern gentleman chivalry - the kind who give you their seat or wait for you to start eating before they do or stand when you leave the table or pump your gas (thank you Wade for teaching me all of these!).
     "I want equal pay!" the woman in the elevator retorted.
     "So do I, but take the chivalry!"
     Letting a man treat you like a woman is a sign of respect for yourself and for his offering.  It doesn't make you less weak - accepting some one's kindness is a sign of grace and class.  Those are the first two requirements for being a lady.
     Thank you, guy on the elevator - raised in Detroit - schooled in the South - transplanted to Seattle - for your chivalry.  It makes my day, every day!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The List

I've come to see a few things recently.  One is that columns have turned into lists - rather than stringing paragraphs together with thoughtful prose, we separate things out and slap a number in front of the idea.  This is how readers read and writers write. 

Here's my list of things I'm grateful for today:

1.  The Pope's visit to America.  The second best thing about his visit is that Brian Williams was back on TV.  I love, admire, adore Brian Williams.  A story got exaggerated - not my concern.  As the child of a story exaggerator, I see how it happens.  I have no judgement, just pure love for B-DUB and am thrilled he's back on TV.  And if you read this story, you'll see I'm not alone in my pure happiness about his return.

2.  Podiatrists.  I had my first visit to this line of medical business.  And I left with one less toenail.  It's been janky for a year now - falling off, trying to regrow, falling off.  Today, the doctor pulled the thing out so we can start anew.  He also said no exercise for a few days (total bummer) and that I need to rest and drink wine.  Well, maybe not so much on the wine.  But we all interpret things in our own unique way.  I am hoping that YOU are grateful that I'm not posting pictures of the pre-surgery digit.

3.  My job.  We've been doing a lot of fun things these last few weeks.  I've been at it for a year and some months, and I feel like I've finally hit my stride.  All this week we were filming for a fun video and doing door-to-door work. Being out of the office and directly working with the public is absolutely thrilling. I love them even when they're a challenge and argumentative. Finding ways to educate and inspire people is an uphill battle, but incredibly rewarding.  I know we are doing good work - that we are making the world a better place.

4.  Writing.  I'll be taking time every day to write what I'm grateful for.  I need to change my life and so I'm challenging myself this: 1. Be grateful and recognize it 2. no complaining.  My life is amazing - beyond blessed and it's time to start accepting it - with the grace of a lady and not begrudge it like a spoiled brat.  You are, of course, welcome to join me in this challenge.  

Enjoy the ride.