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Tell Me, Mr. Rowe

A handful of things strike my soul deeply. When two of them collide, I take it as the Universe giving me a shout out that things are just as they’re supposed to be.  This happened last night; these are the words I’ve woven together in honor of it.
I don’t remember the first time I heard “Drops of Jupiter” by Train.  It was in 1998, before I experienced Australia and before terrorism changed the world. I was a news producer in Birmingham and survived my first paralyzing heartbreak. Things had to change. I traded in a job for three months Down Under, leaving everything but nothing. I went looking for something - sure that it was hidden in the markets of Tasmania or the waters of Great Barrier Reef or the ruins of Port Arthur.  I danced along the light of day, only to be lonely looking for myself. 
Line for line the song speaks to my soul like nothing ever before and ever since.  It’s my song, its words woven in the fiber of my soul.  When that first cord is played, memories swirl, emotio…

I forgot how to BigCity

The flu took more than a week to make its way through my system.  For six days I camped out at the house, watching TV, working, playing games, blowing my nose and coughing up a lung.  Along came Friday (Day 7) and I had a 9:30 a.m. meeting at work. 
Leaving the comfort of the house was exciting, but required caution.  Taking it easy is not a strength.  But this time would be different. 
However, after just five hours out of the house and through a series of mundane events, I realized I forgot how to BigCity. 
First, the news was a constant companion during my lock-down.  I knew Justice Antonin Scalia passed.  But seeing the town flag at half-staff caught me off guard.  “What?  What is that about? … Oh yeah.  That’s what it’s about.”  I fancy myself a flag at half-staff observer.  Why it was so weird to see it that time was because after being locked up for so long reality didn’t feel real.  Or at least the news didn’t feel real.  Nothing felt real.  The days of sequester were a fluid …

My Dogs Pen a Note

Preface:I’m taking part in a month-long “Share the Love” program.Today’s lesson is to write a thank-you note to yourself.As I thought about what I’d write, I thought, “What if I wrote myself a thank-you note from my dogs’ perspective?”That is what follows.
Jake Ryan’s is first.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for putting your hand on my head and petting me.I’m thankful that when I stare at you, you know exactly what I need.You know if it’s potty-time, treat-time, or just pick me up and snuggle me time.Thank you for always snuggling with me.I wish we did it more.
Remember that time I was pooping blood and throwing it up too?Thank you for taking me to that place that fixed me.I missed you so much when I was there, and I was so scared I’d never see you after you left.But you came and got me.Thank you for making sure that never happened again.Thank you for the medicine that keeps me healthy.
Thank you for all those long walks on Monte Sano, along the secret beach, on city streets, through the abandoned g…

Today I Ran

Today I ran.It’d been nearly a month since I ran outside and six more months since I ran five miles.But.Today I ran.Five miles.Today I ran five miles.And it felt fantastic – when I was done.During the five miles, it went from pure joy to self doubt to torture to regret to pride to self doubt to regret to holyfuckingshit, I ran five miles.
It wasn’t fast.It wasn’t pretty.But it was needed.After a three-day pity party complete with a cocktail of pain meds, muscle relaxers and rest, I realized running is my first athletic love – more than tennis and cross training.Those endorphins that (eventually) get released when you run take you through the mental roller coaster laid out above.But they leave you with a sense of accomplishment not found anywhere else.
My sister-in-law and I discussed doing another race – a 5k and 15k that’s in about six weeks.The 5k would be a no-brainer for me – even with the limited running I do, I can push through a 5k in about 30 minutes.But the 15k – nearly 10 mile…