My Dogs Pen a Note

Preface:  I’m taking part in a month-long “Share the Love” program.  Today’s lesson is to write a thank-you note to yourself.   As I thought about what I’d write, I thought, “What if I wrote myself a thank-you note from my dogs’ perspective?”  That is what follows. 

Jake Ryan’s is first.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for putting your hand on my head and petting me.  I’m thankful that when I stare at you, you know exactly what I need.  You know if it’s potty-time, treat-time, or just pick me up and snuggle me time.  Thank you for always snuggling with me.  I wish we did it more. 

Remember that time I was pooping blood and throwing it up too?  Thank you for taking me to that place that fixed me.  I missed you so much when I was there, and I was so scared I’d never see you after you left.  But you came and got me.  Thank you for making sure that never happened again.  Thank you for the medicine that keeps me healthy.

Thank you for all those long walks on Monte Sano, along the secret beach, on city streets, through the abandoned golf course, and at all the State parks.  Thank you for letting me run and chase squirrels.  Thank you for saving me from drowning that time I thought I could catch a heron.  Thank you for taking me to the lake and on boat rides.  Thank you for letting me see the stars from so many states.  Thank you for playing fetch, even when I forget to return the ball.  Thank you for always getting the ball. 

Remember that time we got separated?  You started screaming and crying?  But then I came running down the street?  I’m sorry for that.  I’m also sorry for:  eating all your Frango Chocolates every Christmas, chewing on your shoes (but I was young, I didn’t know any better), how I act when I’m getting groomed and that you have to over-tip because of it, and for shitting all over your favorite ottoman.  (Are you proud I know the word ottoman?)

Thank you for all the people who took care of me when you were not home.  Thank you for the walkers, for Grammy, Aunt Mary and Uncle Chris, Clover, Amanda, and all of the people who made sure I got treats.  Thank you for living next door to Mr. Vickers.  I miss all the Vickers.

Thank you for coming home and telling me about your day.  Thank you for walking me when you’re tired.  Thank you for taking me out to potty when you’re asleep.  Thank you for picking me.  Thank you for making my dinner and giving me treats.  You can always give me more treats, especially chocolate.  Thank you for bringing me home in a box and never sending me away.

Lastly, thank you for taking Poncho back.  I know it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to – any day now, right?

Thanks for being my mom.

Jake Ryan Gregg

Dear Mah,

Remember that day you became my Mah, in a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Tennessee?  And I was so scared that I peed and pooped all over myself?  And not only did you become my Mah, but also you cleaned me up at Walgreens (also in a parking lot)?  And then we got home and I found out I was a little brother?  Do you remember all that, Mah?  That was the best day.  Thank you for that day, Mah.  Don’t ever take me back to a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Tennessee.  I don’t want another Mah.  Aunt Mary is a good Mah-option, just in case you didn’t know.

Mah, thanks for my big brother, Jake Ryan; I love him so much. 

Mah, thanks for always making sure I had a pillow upon which to sit.  I am the Crowned Prince of Fairfax and can’t sit on just the couch.  Remember when I was littler and I’d sit on socks so I didn’t have to sit on the floor?  Yeah, thanks for not always doing your laundry so that I could sit on it.

Also, remember all those times I got sick, too?  From chicken pox to a broken pancreas and so much more?  Thanks for fixing me.  Sorry about when I came home and all those worms came out of me.  I was so sick when you became my Mah.  But you always made me better.

Thank you for never making me play fetch.  Crowned Princes don’t play fetch.  And we don’t like clothes. So just stop with that.

Thank you for Aunt Connie – and tell her I’m sorry I was hiding on the porch. 

Mah, I’m so happy and confident and loving.  That’s because of you, Mah.  You taught me how to be like that.  I love to play and run and snuggle.  Thank you for always doing that with me.

Mah, thank you for being my Mah. 

Thanks Mah, I love you,

Poncho Charles Gregg


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