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Everything but Nothing at the Same Time

I’m more than 90 minutes early for my flight back to Seattle.  You’ll notice I don’t call it home.  Although it’s where I live, where I work, where I play, where my dogs are.  It’s just Seattle.  Nothing against the city itself, it’s not home.  It’s just where I live.  Where the dogs are.  The majority of my life’s possessions are shoved into two storage containers, which are stored somewhere in the Seattle vicinity.  I haven’t seen them for six months.  It’ll probably be just as long until I see it again, until I decide what I’m supposed to be doing with this life of mine.
                I’m at the tail end of a trip – a mini-reunion with my Alabama family in Montana.  Emotions poured through me during my time with them.  But the realization I leave with, while sitting here at the Bozeman airport waiting for another 87 minutes to pass, is that I’m more lost than I was before I came here five days ago. 
                I’m whittling down my life to find its purpose.  I…