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Jake Ryan Turns 10

It’s just past 6 p.m. I stare out the back window, keeping an eye on Jake Ryan. He needs no eye kept on him. The wooden fence assures me he can't leave the yard. Regardless of this, my maternal instinct positions me here, watching. He chews on grass, sauntering between grazing sites. Peace fills the tree-lined, lush green yard. I wish I could tell him how special this day is. He is at a place not all dogs get to. He can’t understand. I know this. But I don’t accept it.
     On May 29, 2006, Jake Ryan Gregg came to be. Nine weeks later he came to me. For 10 years he’s hiked, ran, played and fetched with the heart of a champion. He’s seen me through countless heartbreaks, endured many moves and never judged my nakedness. 
     Yes, today is a special day – and he’ll never understand.  This causes a break in my heart. Will our beloved animals every know how much they mean to us? No. I’m not even going to ask it again in a different format. No, they will never know. They know …

Red Nails and What Ifs

On a typical Saturday, at a typical nail salon, I looked at nail color offerings. My eyes searched for the palest pale options.  I grabbed three bottles to determine the palest. These man hands of mine – these hands that can palm a basketball, open tight jars, and snap a varmint – were accustomed to the palest of pale when they had polish, which wasn’t that often anyhow.  I’m large.  My hands are large. My personality is large.  The less I can do to draw attention, the better. 
     My friend continued her selection process, forcing me to wait, but leading me down an interesting path.  I grabbed the reddest of reds thought, “What if I painted my nails red rather than pale? Okay, let’s give it a shot!” A bit later, as the nail technician applied the reddest of reds, I was taken aback.  “Wow,” I thought. “Look at that.  I’m fancy now.  It looks great.  Why was I so scared of this?”  I made a mental note to edit my hand-talking use while wearing the red.  Surely I’d clean it off in …