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Rocket Man

I was either 35 or 32. I should know exactly, but I don’t. I know I was the youngest in our Leadership class (Class 21). It was opening retreat on the obstacle course. There was a wooden pole – about 25-400 feet high; the exact height has left me, but it was about that tall. The objective was to climb the pole, get on top, jump off and ring the bell before safely returning to the ground. 
I looked it up and down and wasn’t sure I could do it. “I’m going to let the astronaut go first and see how it’s done.” Up he went. Steady and confident. Up. Jump. Ding. I followed suit.
Over the next 10 months, the astronaut and I spent time together in class. Our circles were different. I sat in the back of the bus. He was up front, poised, honorable. We were bus buddies once and I relished in having his attention. As our program came to a close, we had the performers at a piano bar play Elton John’s Rocket Man for him. He was our astronaut. 
Graduation sent the astronaut and me on different paths. …

You Aren’t in Alabama Anymore, Honey Child

Two years ago I pulled out of Huntsville and headed to Seattle for a life I never imagined I’d have – it was to be filled with love and a family of my own.  That “never imagined life” turned into a hot shit mess – and I got out of there as quickly as I could.  Since then I have grown leaps and bounds from a big fish in a little, southern pond to a very little fish in a huge frickin’ ocean.  Becoming a big city girl has been a hoot – some days I’m running through crosswalks with a set of blue prints in my hand other days I’m running from catcallers blessing my own pea-picking heart.  Everything is faster, dirtier and smellier.    To say I’ve learned a lot – or that I’ve changed – is an understatement.  I am floored at how much I’ve adapted to this new lifestyle .  I commute downtown on a heavy rail train (think Amtrak), carry a backpack – that’s loaded with a day’s supplies including gym clothes, food, an umbrella, beverages, underwear, toiletries, an iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPhone, a Sa…