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Not Permanence. But Flux.

The nature of life is not permanence, but flux.                 The butler on Downton Abby said these words.  I watch TV like most Americans do – it’s on, I’m on the couch, but my attention is split between the program and whatever I’m scrolling through on my iPhone.  It was by chance that I caught these words.  Or was it?  I don’t think chance had anything to do with it.  Many things have happened in this month that have strengthened my faith in the unseen.                 The nature of life is not permanence, but flux. Let’s go.                 Earlier this month, I was back in Huntsville chatting with a friend about life and my three careers:  social media, coaching, and public relations.  Her wise words:  You need to talk to Paul.  He’d just been re-elected (after a term away) as Mayor, but also owns a consulting/marketing firm.  She was right.  I filed that tidbit of to-do away.  Fast forward 360 miles and a few days – I’m in Gulf Shores, meeting a friend and hi…