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Roll Dawgs

For 30 of my 42 years, I’ve lived in either Seattle or Alabama. With their differing cultures, both are key to who I am. I’ve done a good job of seamlessly living in and loving each. But in less than two weeks, the Peach Bowl brings my homes together, against each other. As such I find myself in a peculiar spot. You see, I am madly in love with my Roll Tide and Go Dawgs family. As game day approaches I find my loyalties not being tested, but being strengthened.
My older brother graduated from University of Washington. I spent many years in Alabama, where college football is life. At a young age, you pick a team, stick with that team – and buy sweaters, earrings, car tags and more to show loyalty. When I first moved south, my Alabama family wasn’t really into college football. Then the cousins started to go to that one school with the one team. Back in Seattle, my younger brother married in to a UW family. I never pledged a loyalty to either team.
Now I’m back in Seattle and soon I’ll fi…