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Hello 43, Let's Roll

Being born 72 hours in the New Year means that when the world celebrates the New Year, so do I.Hurrah to having the worst birthday ever.

I rarely make resolutions, but this year things are different.

So here we go.

1.Use the phrase coup de gras (grace) more often
2.Eat more salsa, but less cheese; understand this is going to mean no more nachos
3.Run/trot a 5k every month
4.Do my signature “jack in the box” more often; you are welcome work pals, you are welcome
5.Find out how to become a cinematographer
6.Update resume to reflect cinematography skills
7.More Brian Williams
8.Go on a Bigfoot Hunt (that doesn’t involve the couch)
9.More dog pics
10.Less dick pics
11.Take down the Christmas tree
12.Summer trip to Chicago
15.Change the oil in the car in a timely manner
16.Make a list of things to do tomorrow:
c.Get an oil change
d.Find a biography on Brian Williams
17.Loudly declare my angst of fruit in places it should NOT EVER be:cake, salsa, salad