Day 1 - Go Outside

Hello, 30-day happiness challenge.  

I am here.  I am excited.  I am ready.  I am dedicated.  I am ready to be hap-hap-happeee.

Today's challenge:  Go outside. 

Each day starts and ends with a dog walk.  This is going to be easy.

The morning started out beautifully:  The rising sun shone so brightly that I had to close my blinds in order to see my computer screen.  

After that I headed outside to another one of our buildings - and got to take in this view during an early morning meeting.

Today was opening day at the Mariner's - which means a few things:  the smell of hot dogs in the air, people everywhere and a sense of joy in the city.
1.  I love hot dogs.  I love the smell of hot dogs. I love baseball.
2.  I love watching people come into the city for a special event - they really don't know how to manage the crowds. They do not understand there is no such thing as personal space at Starbucks.  They do not understand when the cross walk light says go, you fucking go.  Walk fast - eyes forward.
3.  It turned to rain by noon.  But, still, the city felt special.
I opted to walk down to Safeco field for my "Go Outside" adventure.  Or perhaps it was because when I walked outside, I smelled the hot dogs and it was all moth to the flame.

People in jerseys and caps filled the streets.  Who doesn't love baseball season?  So glad I got out to see Opening Day!

After enjoying the crowds (and hot dog smell), I headed back to the office and snapped a few more photos.  This glass building is a lovely apartment building - I would love to live here, but rent starts at $2,200.  That's nearly three times what my Alabama mortgage was.  And it's way more than my current mortgage.  And that $2,200 doesn't include parking.  Bitches!  I love my car.  So, it was not meant to be.  It's a five-minute walk to work - which is a way better commute than my current one.  But, not meant to be.  I still look at it daily and think about how different life would be in a 21-story glass building.  Surely, no stones would be thrown.

As I was walking back to the office, I passed this banner advertising U2 coming to town next month.  It’s a special Joshua Tree concert and I have so wanted to have the money to take myself and my brothers to see this show.    When we were 15, 13, and 9, we drove across America and this was one of the tapes we had.  The album is so important to our family and a strong part of our story.  Oh, how I wish I could afford three tickets.  I always wish for more money – only so I could do more for my loved ones, contribute to my nephew’s future, assure my dogs are cared for when I’m at work.  That’s the nature of my soul.  I want more, only to give it all away in hopes it would make someone else happy.  

The rain continued for most the day – but there was another break in the afternoon, when I was knee deep in something.  I forced myself outside.  Just a quick walk around the plaza. 

This is a popular spot for tourists to stop and snap a photo.  Today, all the tourists must have been busy, so after 34 months of walking by it, I decided to pause to take a photo.  It’s so lovely!

The rest of the afternoon sped by and I nearly missed my train.  

But I got home in time to be outside with my two favorite guys.  They were not interested in being photographed. 

Yes, it was a happy day – little moments away from the mundane.

That's what happiness is - little moments that you make.