Day 2: Make some art

I am not even going to lie. 

I failed miserably at this happiness challenge. 

It was a busy day.

I had two coaching calls, got a dental filling, had to work, had tennis, had to walk the dogs.  I had to cook food for the next few days.

That's my art - food.  It's no secret that for many years I had a food addiction.

In mid January, I was at my all-time high weight.  I'll keep that number private.  At that time, when I could no longer wear my clothes, I decided to change my story about food.

Today three people pulled me aside to let me know how good I look - that I really look like I've lost weight. 

"YES!," I replied to each - bragging about my 20 pounds gone, but saving them the tales of the method.

Yes, you can do anything - if you just change your story about it.  And that brought me so much happiness today, way more than making art could have done.

You see, I'm not a fan of making art.  The art I make is in building relationships, in being too kind, in playing tennis.  Art is the bringing together of different elements to make something beautiful.

Today I did that - just not in the traditional way.

And I'm totally fine with that.

See you  tomorrow:  Watch a performance!  Yikes - wonder what I'll dig up.